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Smith Berger Marine, Inc.

Mooring and Towing Solutions / Salmon Processing Equipment Since 1903

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7915 10th Ave. S
Seattle, WA 98108, USA
Tel. 206.764.4650
Toll-Free 888.726.1688
Fax 206.764.4653
Email sales@smithberger.com


Rasmussen Equipment Co., Inc.

Seattle, WA, USA
Tel. 206.762.3700
Contact Rick Rasmussen
Email: rickr@rasmussenco.com
Website: www.rasmussenco.com

Rasmussen Equipment Co., Inc.

Belle Chase, LA, USA
Tel. 504.392.0442
Contact Bryan Gennusa
Email: bryang@rasmussenco.com
Website: www.rasmussenco.com

Waterman Supply Co., Inc.

Wimington, CA, USA
Tel. 800.322.3131
Contact Max Mougan
Email: max@watermansupply.com
Websit:e www.watermansupply.com

Anchor Marine and Industrial Supply, Inc.

Houston, TX, USA
Tel. 800.233.8014
Contact Jim Arbaugh
Email: sales@anchormarinehouston.com
Website: www.anchormarinehouston.com

Authorized Representatives

J.H. Menge and Company, Inc.

New Orleans, LA
Tel. 504.733.4871
Contact Farrell LaTour
Email: fclatour@jhmenge.com
Website: www.jhmenge.com

J. Henry Holland Corporation

Virginia Beach, VA
Tel. 800.417.3307
Contact Larry Lusk
Email: ldlusk@jhenryholland.com
Website: www.jhenryholland.com


Belle Chase, LA
Tel. 800.259.7330
Email: sales@conmaco.com
Website: www.conmaco.com